Tp-Link Router Firmware

A router is a device which lets you connect your computer, laptop, mobile phones to connect to an internet network. It is a device which has the power to decide as to how the data move across a network. In an era where almost every task needs internet to be completed, there are multiple brands in the market which provide you with this effective networking device. TP-Link is one amongst all those brands and it does lead the market as well.

Now what makes a router do that? Well, it a software, particularly known as a Firmware. The firmware, is a code embedded in the non-volatile memory or say the ROM, of the device.  It controls the way the hardware systems and devices of the router work.

Why do we need to upgrade the Firmware of a Router ?

A manufacturer, to enhance the functioning of a router, releases an update for the existing firmware. There are chances that you might end up boosting your network speed through just an update, just in case the manufacturer released it in the newer version.

The other reason might be a security related fixture. Suppose the older version of the firmware could have possible be exposed to the attackers, a manufacturer will fix it in the update, thus making your device less prone being hacked.

Updating a firmware is just like updating an application on your smart phone. You just have to go to the online store to see if there’s an update. It’s that simple. One thing, an update for a particular model of a particular router would not work on any other device.


Steps you need to follow to update the firmware version of your router.

It is quite an easy task to updating a firmware of a router. Here are a few simple steps you need to follow in order to get the work done.

  • Verify the hardware version of your device before downloading the firmware update.
  • It is recommended that you connect your computer to the router via an Ethernet cable.
  • Once you have downloaded the firmware, carefully go through the notes of update to see if you need to re-configure your device upon updating it.
  • Extract the .ZIP file from the update you just downloaded using an extraction tool.
  • You now have to log in to the web based management page of your router.
  • Click System Tools, then Firmware Upgrade, and then Browse/Choose. Now open the desired file.
  • Now click on the Upgrade button.
  • Once the process completes, your device will reboot.
  • Click on the Status to see if the firmware of your router is upgraded.
  • If your router goes back to the factory setting, run the setup wizard and re-configure your device.