Netgear is a tremendously reliable company which offers the best wireless extender to fit right into your home and office. But if you are not happy with the current settings of the Netgear wireless extender Or, if you are facing a technical issue on your extender then you might need to reset Netgear extender to factory default settings. As a matter of fact, Netgear extender login and Netgear extender setup issues can be solved merely by resetting the extender. 

We understand that you are not tech genius and won’t able to perform Netgear extender reset by yourself therefore, we are here to help you with it. You can go through this blog to know how to reset Netgear extender to factory settings.

How to reset Netgear extender ?

If you are tired of poor performance or if you are facing issues with your extender then for Netgear extender troubleshooting, you need to reset it to its factory default settings. There are two ways to reset Netgear extender which is using web GUI or through the factory reset button.

Using web GUI

  • Use a laptop or any other device for resetting Netgear extender.
  • Open a load-free internet browser.
  • Type in the address bar of the web browser.
  • On the Netgear extender login page, enter login username and password.
  • On Netgear extender setup page, click on ‘Settings’ and go to ‘Other settings’ option.
  • Now, click on the option ‘Reset’ and then click on ‘Yes’ to continue.
  • Wait for a few minutes for the web interface to complete the reset process.

Using the reset button

  • Take a tiny sharp object.
  • Locate a reset button on the bottom of the Netgear extender.
  • Press the reset button using a sharp object.
  • Hold it for a few seconds or until the LED lights start blinking.
  • Release the Netgear extender and wait for it to reboot.
  • Your Netgear extender successfully reset to factory default settings.

What will happen after you reset Netgear extender ?

  • All the settings that you have set up for gaming systems and application to communicate over the internet will be reset.
  • Port forwarding that you have set up earlier will be blocked again.
  • All the settings that you made earlier with your Netgear wireless extender will be reset to its factory default settings.

This was all about how to reset Netgear extender. If you still have some issues with your extender which are not solved even after resetting the extender, then you can contact us. We have a team of experts who can guide you with some Netgear extender troubleshooting tips. To get in touch with our team, you need to call them on their round the clock available number or by doing a live chat with them.