D-Link Router Setup

D-Link routers come with an easy to access web based interface which helps to setup your D-Link routers quickly. D-Link routers have a responsive web based interface which provides a hassle-free setting up of D-Link routers. First of all, you will have to log into D-link router’s web based interface. We will show you step-by-step how to log into the D-Link router and set it up. Follow the below given instructions carefully to setup your D-Link router.

Logging into D-Link router

This is the first stage of setting up your D-Link wireless router. We will setup our D-Link wireless router by first setting up a hardware connection, then logging in and then complete the final setup.

  1. Firstly connect your D-Link router with your wired modem using an Ethernet cable. Plug in one end of an Ethernet cable into your D-Link router and the other end in your cable modem. Now using another Ethernet cable, connect your computer to the D-Link router.
  2. Plug in the adapters of both D-Link router and cable modem into the power outlet and switch on both of them.
  3. Now open your web browser and enter the default IP address of your D-Link wireless router in the address bar.
  4. Now you will see a small login window pop up on your screen asking for username and password. 
  5. Enter “admin” as the default value for both the fields and click on login.

Now if you see the homepage of your D-Link wireless router on your screen, it means you have logged into web based interface of your D-Link wireless router.

Setting up D-Link router

Now we will start with the setting up the D-Link wireless router. Follow the below given instructions carefully:

  1. After you have logged into the web interface of your D-Link wireless router, you will see Quick Router Setup Wizard option on your screen, click on it. Router Setup Wizard page will appear only during the first configuration of your router. 
  2. Now your router will scan to detect the type of your Internet connection. If router is successful in detecting Internet connection type, Internet setup page will be skipped.

NOTE: If your router is unsuccessful in detecting the type of Internet connection, you can manually enter the details of your connection. These include username and password(PPPoE), and DHCP connection fields. This information is provided to your by your Internet Service Provider (ISP).

  1. Next comes your wireless configuration page. Give your wireless router a Network Name (SSID) and a Network Key (Passphrase) to protect it from unauthorised device.
  2. Now select your Time Zone and click on Save to save your settings and exit the D-Link router setup.

Now your router will be successfully set up. In case you face any issue, try to check the details you have entered or else go for router reset. Press and hold reset button on your router for few seconds and wait for it to reboot. Now again follow the above instructions carefully and you will successfully setup your D-Link wireless router.