Amped Wireless Range Extender Setup

Are you looking for a device that can provide fast internet speed and stable connectivity in every corner of your home or workplace? If yes, then you can install an amped extender at your place which is best known to expand the current wireless network range. It takes signals from the existing router and transmits it to the area where you hardly get wifi signals. Amped wireless range extender setup is possible with the help of its default web address Once you access the amped extender setup page you easily get to customize your amped wireless settings. 

In this blog, we will tell you how to setup amped wireless extender and therefore, you can go through the following sections of this blog to know about it.

How to setup amped wireless extender ?

There are some basic steps that you need to follow for the amped extender setup. You need to make use of to for configuring the amped extender. But sometimes, you might not get access to the configuration utility of extender using this web address in such cases, amped wireless setup can be of your help. Follow the steps which are given below for amped wireless extender installation.

  • Plug your amped extender into a power outlet which is near to your wireless router.
  • On your computer, you can connect the amped extender to the wireless network.
  • After that, you can open an internet browser and its URL field enter and press ‘Enter’ key.
  • Now, you will see an amped wireless login window appearing on your screen and filling the required information, you will get the access to the amped wireless setup page.
  • You need to ‘Scan’ to see the list of the available network to extend.
  • Select your home network from the list of available network and click ‘Next.’
  • You can select the same SSID of your amped extender as your home network, click ‘Next’ to move to the next step.
  • You can type the ‘password’ that the devices will need to connect to the amped extender.
  • Finally, you are ready to connect with the extended network.

What is the best location to place an amped extender ?

The placement of amped wireless extender is extremely crucial in receiving stable signals. If you place your amped extender far away from your wireless router, you might not be able to receive enough signals to broadcast to every corner of your place. So, place your amped wireless extender between the dead zones and your existing router to witness the enhancement into wireless signals.

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