Setting up your brand new router means, trying to secure your network by the configuration of your router. Every router consists their setting in their admin panel. So, it is better to understand first, how to access your router admin panel. Afterward, you can secure your network through your router configuration. There are many ways, by which you can secure your network, but the foremost way is through router admin panel. So, in this blog, we are trying to put light on the process, by which you can access my Belkin router settings. If you failed to access your router settings, this will harm your network security. It will lead your network to illegal users, viruses & additional vulnerabilities to your network. So, to avoid all these risks to your network, you must to know how to access your router settings. In this way, you can modify router settings and preferences as per requirements.  To access my Belkin router settings, you needed to follow basic steps to setup your Belkin router. We are mentioning the steps below go through the steps and apply them as they are given.

How to Access My Belkin Router Settings (Initial Setup)

  • First, disconnect your modem power source.
  • Next, plug your Belkin router into the modem.
  • Now, plug in modem power source.
  • Power up your computer now.
  • For quick on-screen setup, put in the startup disk.

After the hardware installation of your Belkin router, go for further configuration of your Belkin router. Below given steps are required to be followed as they are provided.

Steps to Access My Belkin Router Settings

By default, Belkin routers come with built-in web-based setup page. Web-based setup page allows the Belkin user to customize the settings & advanced features of the device. So, these points will help you in Belkin router settings.

  • Make sure your Belkin router is Switch ON.
  • Next, verify if your computer is wired to one of its Ethernet or LAN ports.
  • Now, launch a web browser on your computer or a wireless device.
  • Once you launch the web browser, enter default web address of Belkin router http://router into browser address bar.
  • Or if there is an issue with default web address? You can try using the IP address, instead of the web address.
  • Afterward, you will see the prompt window, which will ask Belkin router login credentials.
  • This login window will pave the way to access my Belkin router settings. So, provide the router default login credentials, in the mentioned fields.
  • When you enter the required information, click on submit button to continue to next steps.

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