Access Asus Router Settings

Asus brand has a very good market for quality products across the globe, best known for manufacturing motherboards or graphics cards. Over the few years, they are doing well in manufacturing wifi routers as well. There is no doubt in the thing, that they have impressed router users around the world. If you ever used Asus router, you might know, how an Asus router works in a home & office. They are good in enhancing wifi network coverage, providing stable internet connection with great data transmission speed. So, if you are new to Asus router and want to know how to access Asus router settings, this blog is for you. We are here to provide as much as information on Asus router setup. Once you learn setting up Asus router, you can make changes to your router settings and preference. Before we get started, take a look at the pre-requisite for Asus router setup.

Install Your Asus Router

  • The main motive behind the installation of a router is to provide optimal wireless data transmission, amid router & connected device.
  • Put your router in a centralized area. This will provide maximum wireless coverage to your connected devices.
  • Never place your router indirect sunlight or nearby the metal obstructions.

  • In order to avoid signal interference or loss, place your router away from 802.11g or 20MHz wifi devices.

  • If possible update your Asus wireless router firmware, the latest one. Visit to download correct Asus firmware version, for your Asus model.

  • Or orient the router detachable antennas, if any.

Once you complete your Asus router installation, next assemble your Asus modem. One more steps towards how to access Asus router settings?

Assemble Your Modem

  • Start with unplugging the AC adapter from the power source; don’t forget to detach it from your cable/ADSL modem
  • Next, detach the network cable, from the cable/ADSL modem
  • Now, reboot the PC.

Before moving to next step, you need to disable few computer settings. Below mentioned settings needed to be disabling on your computer.

Disable Computer Settings

  • If you have enabled proxy server, disable it.
  • Now setup the TCP/IP settings to default, so that it can obtain an IP address automatically.
  • Or if you have enabled Dial-up connection, disable it immediately.

Method for How to Access Asus Router Settings

  • Now, login to your Asus router Web GUI. This will display QIS page by default.
  • With this, you will see Asus router login window get displayed on the computer screen.
  • Provide admin for both username & password.
  • If you face any error message, check if you have many any changes to your Asus login credentials.
Or if you still have the same issue, try resetting the router, manually or by reset button. Other than this, you can ask our team to help you. They are available round the clock on the toll-free number. You can also approach them on the live chat support window. Get connected with our team and receive the best advice on how to access Asus router settings?